Elevate every pitch in your arsenal.

Level up your game in less than 24 hours with pitchLogic - the only pitching technology that gives personalized tips for improvement.

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Elevate every pitch in your Arsenal.

Level up your game in less than 24 hours with pitchLogic, and join the cutting edge of sports technology.

Join the 20,000+ players and teams using pitchLogic today.

Join the 20,000+ players and teams using pitchLogic today.

Unlock your full potential with pitchLogic - the latest, most advanced training technology available. Get personalized recommendations and monitor your progress on speed, spin, movement, and more.

Every pitcher is unique. pitchLogic gives personalized feedback and recommendations, so you can set goals with confidence and make your pitches even nastier.

It’s hard to fix what you can’t see. Seam orientation, last touch, spin axis, and arm slot are all displayed instantly so you can connect what you feel with results.

Coaches, recruiters, and scouts want facts not opinions. Capture videos of each pitch automatically and share them along with your metrics. Get noticed with pitchLogic.

We offer plans with the pitchLogic COACH app, flexible rosters, and a rotating supply of fresh pitchLogic baseballs to meet your needs. Just call (336) 499-7390, email sales@f5sports.net, or click below.

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Clay Holmes

MLB All-Star Pitcher

"It used to be you needed Edgertronic footage to see how the ball is coming off your hand. It was so hard to make practical use of it. With the pitchLogic ball you can connect what you see and what you feel."

Scott Mitchell

MiLB Pitching Coordinator

"I put in a large order and sent baseballs to all of our affiliates. We began using them throughout our minor league system. The data allowed us to communicate with the pitchers individually, and tailor coaching to their needs."

John Hendricks

MLB Scout

“…if you’re trying to figure out what you want to invest in…go straight to the pitchLogic ball.”

Matt Hobbs

University of Arkansas Pitching Coach

“…what a fantastic piece of feedback for players for coaches for parents…”

Corey Muscara

Wake Forest Univ Pitching Coach

"pitchLogic allows you to understand the value of spin efficiency, spin axis, and how it relates to dominating the strike zone."

Scott Emerson

MLB Pitching Coach

"What a bunch of great people. Was able to go to the factory and see the process. I recommend this ball to everyone."

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.